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I've always been an artist. As a kid, I made stop-motion animated films with my friends using an 8-mm camera. But I was convinced I couldn't get a "real job" as an artist. As a result, I began my professional life as an aerospace engineer. After a few years, I came to my senses and returned to school to do something I truly loved, animation. As an MFA student at the UCLA Animation Workshop, I experimented with different mediums, including cel, computer, and sand-on-glass. "Unborn Baby Blues" is my sand film animated to an original blues song. It won a whole bunch of awards, including the 24th Student Academy Award gold medal in animation (yes, a real Academy Award - in my acceptance speech, I got to "thank the Academy," the dream of all filmmakers).

Since my student days, I have a cultivated a wide range of professional experiences working on feature films, videogame cinematics and cinematics for a middle-school math curriculum DVD. Throughout those various projects, I have animated people, animals and objects, using a diverse array of animation styles. I enjoy working in a team environment and take suggestions well from both colleagues and animation leads. I find that my engineering experience is an asset when I am problem solving for myself or the overall project.

I am very driven to earn an opportunity to work with the best artists, pushing the limits of my capabilities to help create outstanding animated projects.

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