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Mark Levine
10062 Gerald Avenue
North Hills, CA 91343
(818) 749-2210

To continue my maturation as a character animator, and build upon the skills I developed as part of several animation teams. Also, to earn an opportunity to work with the best artists, pushing the limits of my capabilities to help create outstanding animated projects.

Frame Machine - Senior Animator, Santa Monica, CA
10/11 -6/12
Projects - "Tomb Raider", performed MoCap/body and facial animation for video game cinematics.

SecretPlan Studios - Freelance Animator, Atwater Village, CA
8/10 -9/11
Projects -Full character animation for theme park ride. Animation for 3D commercial. AfterEffects animation for "MorganFreeman's Through the Wormhole."

Image Metrics - Senior Animator, Santa Monica, CA
9/09 -7/10
Projects - "Red Dead Redemption", Responsible for animating and supervising facial animation for a set of characters in video game cinematics.

Technicolor Interactive - Character Animator, Burbank, CA
3/08 - 10/08, 4/09 - 8/09
Projects - "Silent Hill 2", "Gears of War II", and "Ben 10" video game cinematics.

Brain Zoo - Character Animator, Van Nuys, CA
4/03 - 5/04, 3/07 - 10/07, & 11/08 - 3/09
Projects included "Shrek 2", "Prototype", "Destroy All Humans 3", and "Pitfall - The Lost Expedition" video game cinematics.

Rubber Bug - Supervising Animator, Los Angeles, CA
2/06 - 3/07
Project - "Math's Cool," an educational DVD for middle school students, animated in a "cut-out" style using 3D Studio Max. Responsible for laying out sequences, assigning shots, animating shots, reviewing shots, and final check of sequences before presentations to the director.

Omation Studio - Character Animator, San Clemente, CA
5/04 - 2/06
Project - "Barnyard," a feature film for Paramount and Nickelodeon Studios, released August 4th, 2006. Responsible for approximately four minutes of character animation, including numerous shots featuring the lead character in critical plot development scenes.

3D Bob - Animator/Artist, Burbank, CA
7/01 - 4/03
Staff - Responsibilities included character animation, animation layout, modeling, and texturing.

NueArt Pictures - Animator/Artist, Montrose, CA
4/98 - 4/01
Project - "Aerotroopers," an independent feature film.

Animation Methods: 3-D and 2-D computer, cel, sand-on-glass, photo-collage, cutouts, mixed media
Software: Maya, XSI, 3D Studio Max, Flash, AfterEffects, Photoshop, Director
Hardware: PC, SGI (UNIX), Macintosh

"Unborn Baby Blues"
Gold Medal, 24th Student Academy Awards
1st Place (student), World Animation Celebration
1st Place (student), Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
1st Place (animation), South Beach Film Festival
(complete list available upon request)

UCLA Animation Workshop at UCLA Film School
Purdue University - Aerospace Engineering - Master of Science
Purdue University - Aerospace Engineering - Bachelor of Science

Steve Oedekerk - Founder, Omation Studio, Writer/Director, "Barnyard"-

George Maestri - Founder, Rubber Bug -